Vocational training

road Training is the foundation of our success!

Thanks to the new profession with federal certification developed by the most important players in this industry, we now have a valuable tool to further improve our performance.

We are pleased to announce that WOLFI SA Road Assistance is part of the pilot project and has the first participant in the canton of Ticino. In addition, Marco Wolfisberg is a member of the federal commission for the control and quality of this very new profession and the head of the roadside assistance module.

RAG_Road Assistance Group

screen By partnering with a local firm, Roadside Assistance is developing a software that can integrate and digitize the intervention process. With the aim of minimizing the reaction times and the routes, the tool makes it possible to geo-locate the operators closest to the scene of the accident and transmit all their data with a few clicks.

The project has been received with great enthusiasm throughout Switzerland. In fact, several companies in the field have joined and are already using the tool.

At the end of December 2013, with the main branch in Airolo, the firms Autonotruf Luzern, H.P. Gerber Pannendienst, Autohilfe Ostschweiz, Zerzuben AG and the same WOLFI SA founded the RAG_Road Road Assistance Group, which purchased the rights to the software and sells licenses.

Customer satisfaction is a priority!

smile Our customers are satisfied!

Thanks to more than 1,000 responses, over the past year, the quality survey shows that at least 9 out of 10 customers give our service a “5″ on an evaluation scale of “1″ to “5″!

The value of the family business

lupo WOLFI SA Road Assistance was founded in 1997, when Marco and Katya Wolfisberg decided to give up the taxi business to specialize in roadside assistance for light and heavy vehicles.

The Wolfisberg family continued to operate and expand their business in 2002 by opening a branch in the City of Monteceneri, a central point between Lugano, Bellinzona and Locarno.

For over a decade, all members of the Wolfisberg family have been employed in the company.

We believe that a family-owned business brings advantages not only to employees, but especially to the customers, who are the focus of our attention, 24 hours around the clock, 365 days a year.

Quality & Management



Innovation, technology and progress… For many years now the automotive sector has been evolving using principles of ongoing development.

Meeting the needs of a moving market and a society increasingly in search of the meaning of independence and freedom are some of the causes that have made leading car manufacturers change their strategic direction. These changes have not lead them to sell simpler products, but real service packages instead, giving them the name of mobility.

This is a new concept in service and performance, which also drives the roadside assistance service sector to assume responsibility. Specialization, professionalism, safetly and professional development are definitely some of the opportunities to be seized in order to increase the quality of the service.

In this regard, we are honoured to announce that Soccorso Stradale WOLFI SA (Road Assistance) is fully certified according to ISO 9001:2008 standards. With this we aim to meet expectations and increase our/your customer satisfaction.